HaploFind assignment algorithm is capable of rapidly classify mtDNA complete sequences according to haplogroup nomenclature.

The algorithm combines the phylogeny information obtained from Phylotree with the one extracted analyzing the conserved mutations of thousands of mtDNA sequences retrieved from GenBank.

Moreover, HaploFind Web Application automatically identifies for all detected mutations their locus, if they are synonymous or associated with a disease.

All the produced data can be exported in commonly used formats.

HaploFind Quick Start:

  • Copy the FASTA sequences you want to analyze in a single FASTA file;
  • Fill the Submit form and click the "Submit" button;
  • HaploFind queues your batch analysis;
  • An email will be sent to you as soon as your Batch is completely analyzed;
  • You can now use HaploFind web interface to view the assignments.

HaploFind has been developed and is actively
maintained by the:

Laboratory of Immunology,
Department of Experimental, Diagnostic and Specialty Medicine,
University of Bologna.

Questions regarding Haplofind and suggestions
to improve it can be posted to the Support section